About Bryony

Neva_me small“People who reinvent the world must first reinvent themselves. And Bryony is a master, a true Renaissance woman who is learning all she can, following a multitude of callings, betting the farm again and again, and with each new beginning, layering the lessons into a truly holistic portrait of the world. Bryony’s life is an art form–it’s a wet canvas, a photo emerging from developing fluid, not nearly knowable yet–how many of us can say this?

When Bryony sees something hopeful in the world, she doesn’t just proselytise about how it should happen; she actually makes it happen. She opened an African art store in Missoula Montana because she believed that the art of her homeland deserved to be seen and appreciated. She built an uber-green house while the rest of us were just talking about it. In love with moving water, she got her whitewater guiding license so she could bring newbies into the wild. She started Women’s Voices for the Earth before inclusion of the feminine worldview became obvious and smart. She built an institute for Biomimicry (nature-inspired innovation) from the ground up, when barely a soul had heard of it. And, because she draws a direct line between kindness towards the Earth and kindness towards each other, she found a way for people to express kindness as a daily practice, not a Hallmark moment. When Bryony is moved by something, she builds it out in the real world so the rest of us can experience it firsthand and begin to believe it too.”

~ Janine Benyus, Author, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature